Hire A General Contractor To Build These Things Around Your Pool

If you've recently moved into a home that has a swimming pool in the backyard, you're probably eager to enjoy this space as much as you can with your family and guests. Unless the previous owner made a significant investment in the area around the pool, this may be something on which to focus any remodeling. The addition of several things around the pool can make the space more appealing, and this may compel you to schedule more pool parties throughout the summer months. Find a local general contractor and discuss the following building projects for this part of your yard.

Pool House

The presence of a pool house can go a long way toward improving the usability of your backyard swimming pool. When people visit for a pool party, they may do a little swimming and then hang out around the pool afterward. If so, they may want to wear comfortable, casual clothing instead of their wet swimsuits. Your general contractor can build a pool house in a suitable location near the pool that people can use to change their clothing privately, without having to enter your home when they're wet. A pool house can offer a wide range of amenities, so discuss what you want with your contractor.


A pergola can be a good addition to the area around your swimming pool, particularly if there are no trees in the immediate vicinity that offer a source of shade. While many people enjoy sitting out in the sun, this isn't ideal for everyone. When you have guests over for swimming and socializing, you want everyone to feel comfortable. A pergola over a part of the pool deck will provide a welcome source of shade for those who want it. Of course, you can set up this area with outdoor tables and chairs to make it inviting.

Privacy Fence

There will likely already be a chain-link fence around the swimming pool, but you may want to think about a different type of fencing project. Many people favor privacy fences in this area, given that chain link doesn't provide privacy. For example, you may ask your general contractor to build a small section of fence and cover it in synthetic climbing plants. Generally, you'll plan this fence for an area in which it creates a visual barrier to others — namely, your neighbors. The result can be a green structure that complements other greenery that you have in your backyard, but that also provides a solid barrier to keep neighbors from being able to see your pool parties.