Does Your Basement Have Moisture? 3 Sources That Need Basement Repair Services

When most people think of the basement, the first thing that comes to mind is a dark and humid place. However, just because most people associate the basement with high humidity levels does not mean it is okay for your basement to contain moisture. No matter how minimal, moisture in your basement is a recipe for disaster. This water can lead to problems like mold development or foundation damage.

That's why it is crucial to hire a basement repair contractor when you notice water in your basement. The article highlights a few causes of basement moisture and how the experts can help.

1. Inadequate Grading

The landscape's grading around your home is designed to direct water away from your house. However, poor or improper grading will encourage water to pool around your house. In serious cases, the foundation grading might direct water toward your home. When this water settles around your home's foundation, it will soak into the foundation and eventually get into your basement. Therefore, it is important to be on the lookout for water pooling around your house, especially after it rains. That way, you can call the experts to fix the grading and prevent water from getting into your basement. 

2. Inefficient Air Circulation

Another cause of moisture in your basement is improper air circulation. Without enough circulation, dump air gets stuck in your basement and accumulates moisture. When this air eventually comes into contact with cold surfaces like the walls or furniture in the basement, it condenses and turns into water. Such condensation can be a huge problem if you have a shower or kitchen in your basement or the AC ducts run through the basement. Luckily, professionals can find ways to promote air circulation in your basement to prevent condensation and possible water damage.

3. Drainage Problems

If you have an older house, there is a high chance that your basement is inhabitable and may lack a proper subsurface drainage system. However, newer houses with proper drainage may also experience problems like clogged or collapsing pipes, an ineffective sump pump, or a misaligned connection. Such issues may cause flooding in your basement, which has dire consequences. The best solution for drainage problems in your basement is hiring professionals to dig up your floors and install a reliable drain system or repair any issues with your existing basement drainage to prevent water damage.

Lack of proper air circulation, drainage problems, and inadequate grading are some reasons you may experience moisture problems in your basement. Unfortunately, ignoring these problems or trying to fix them alone can lead to serious consequences. For this reason, it is best to call the basement repair contractor to deal with these issues and restore your basement. 

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