How To Paint Crown Molding During Bathroom Installation

Crown molding is perfect if you are looking for an affordable way to add some class to your bathroom. Crown molding can make any room look more refined and stylish. Luckily, this is a bathroom remodel that is not too difficult or labor intensive. In fact, some homeowners even do the installation on their own to save some cash. This article will explain the best ways to paint crown molding when installing it.

Painting Before Installation

It is always much easier to paint the molding before you install it in your bathroom. However, there are several drawbacks to this method. First, there is a good chance that the paint will get damaged in certain areas during the installation. So, you might need to do a lot of repainting after the molding is fully installed. Also, when you nail the molding to the wall, the gun will leave behind small nail holes. Some people then fill these holes with wood putty or caulk. Depending on the color of your molding, you might need to touch up the patched area so the colors match. This is why you should look for caulk that perfectly matches the paint color of the molding. Most people install white molding, but this does not mean every white caulk will match with white paint. It is best to practice on a scrap piece of the painted molding to make sure it is perfect. Make sure you use a waterproof caulk to combat the moist environment in your bathroom.

In the long run, painting your molding before installation is much easier because you can set it up on a large tarp and simply spray it. Spraying hardwood molding is much better than using a brush or roller because it dries much smoother. It is also a much faster process.

Painting After Installation

Painting your molding after you install it requires much more work. First, you will need to thoroughly tape of your walls and ceiling to protect from overspray. You will also need to cover your floors, shower, sink, toilet and nearby windows. This process alone can take longer than the actual installation of the molding. The one advantage is that you can paint the crown after all the holes are filled and the caulk is applied. So, painting will be the last step instead of the first. This might result in a slightly more uniform paint job, but it will be much more time consuming and strenuous. This is why most people simply paint their molding before they attach it to the walls.

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