Three Tips for Removing Bed Bugs from Commercial Properties

Bed bugs can be a nasty problem to deal with in your hotel or rental property. It will require expedient action, so that you can kill the infestation as quickly as possible and prevent bites, itching and irritation that come with the territory. With this in mind, you should follow the tips below so that you are able to get your property back to its proper condition. 

#1: Get Your Bedroom Under Control

If you are noticing a bed bug infestation in your rooms, your first response should be to prevent the spread of infestation as quickly as possible. Moving mattresses and couches haphazardly to other areas without first getting your initial infestation under control will only cause the bed bugs to follow you to different locations all throughout the property. Call up a commercial pest control contractor as quickly as possible in order to get them out to your property. 

In the meantime, you will need to strip your mattress down completely to the box springs and vacuum it thoroughly. Dispose of all sheets in secure plastic bags -- don't wash and reuse them. Even though 70 percent of any bed bug infestation will be contained to the mattress itself, make sure that you spray down the springs and headboard with a pesticide intended to kill bed bugs.

#2: Freeze Them Out

One of the greatest ways to control bed bugs in your property is by freezing them out. You can purchase some frozen CO2 material, which can be sprayed throughout the mattress and the rest of your bedroom, so that bed bugs and their eggs literally freeze. Make sure that you either rent or purchase the specially crafted nozzle, so that it can permeate all materials of the bedding, in order to get rid of the bed bugs. A commercial pest control contractor can also help you in this regard.

#3: Hire A Professional Commercial Pest Control Company

Any time your bed bug infestation gets out of hand, you will need to be sure that you reach out to a licensed and insured pest control contractor that can help you out. Ask them to stop by your place for a consultation, so that they'll let you know how bad it is and how much they will charge you. This way, you can shop the bill around with other pest control contractors in order to retrieve the best deals. It will usually cost you anywhere between $50 and $200 for initial consultations and between $1,000 and $10,000 in order to get professional bed bug removal. 

Companies like Claggett & Sons Inc. may be able to answer further questions regarding bed bugs on commercial properties.