Make Your Space Look And Feel Bigger With These Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Tired of your small, cramped kitchen? Here are a few remodeling ideas that should help make your space look and feel bigger:

Get Rid of the Cupboards

A great way to open up your kitchen space and make it look larger is to get rid of all your cupboards. In their place, have open shelving built into the walls to store your dishes and spices. The shelves will take up significantly less space than traditional cupboards, and the open design will keep you on your toes when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and organization in the kitchen.

There are a variety of shelf designs on the market to choose from, which should make it easy to create a look that complements the décor you have already established in your kitchen. Choose pine or oak shelves for a traditional look, or glass shelves for a more contemporary look – or go for a mixture of both!

Install Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Bring the outdoors inside for a spacious look and comfortable feel in the kitchen by having floor-to-ceiling windows installed along one full wall of the room, if possible. Even one large floor-to-ceiling window will enhance the lighting in your kitchen and make it look a little bigger, but an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows will make it seem like your kitchen is part of the outdoors, and give the room a feel of almost limitless space. Outfit the windows with blinds so you can close the kitchen up for a more enclosed feel. Blinds won't take up too much wall space like curtain or shutters – consider bamboo blinds, so some of the outdoors is present whether the windows are closed up or not.

Incorporate a Built-in Cubbies

Having built-in kitchen cubbies installed will give you the space you need to store appliances, so they don't take up too much space on the counters and make the room feel cluttered. Just close the door in front of the cubbies when your appliances are not in use, and your kitchen will automatically look cleaner and larger. You can have your built-in cubbies installed underneath a cabinet or shelf if you only have a few appliances; if you enjoy using lots of appliances, consider having your cubby holes built into a wall so you have plenty of storage space to utilize as the years pass.

Contact your kitchen remodeling contractor today to schedule an in-home consultation and start your remodeling plans.