4 Reasons You May Need Your Septic System Inspected Or Repaired

The septic system that has been in service since your home's construction may need replacing. There are several reasons you may have to replace your septic system.

Damage to Your Septic Tank

If your tank has damage, the tank may have to come out and get a new one installed in its place. The tank can crack and let the sewage from inside the tank seep into the ground. That sewage can contaminate the groundwater, and if you have a well on the property, it can contaminate the well. If you suspect there is damage to the tank, you need to have the tank inspected right away. 

Damage to the Leach Field

The leach field, or drain field, consists of a gravel field with perforated pipes running through it. The liquid from the septic tank flows into the leach field and is filtered through the gravel and sand before it flows back into the ground. By the time the liquid reaches the leach field, it is safe to drain into the ground through the filter media. A broken pipe in the field can overwhelm the field and cause it to not work the way it should. The leach field will often have standing water on top if it is not working properly.

Plumbing Issues

If the main sewer line from the house to the septic tank is not connected to the tank properly or the pipe has damage where it makes the connection to the tank, you may need to have a septic contractor repair the connection. Exposing the line is important, so the contractor will dig up the line and inspect it to see what needs repairing. Since the line comes out of the house and travels underground to the tank, there is no other way to access the connection. 

Clogged Baffles

Inside the septic tank, there are baffles where the waste comes into the tank as well as baffles where the line leaves the tank and heads to the leach field. The baffles can become clogged with material over time; if they do, the waste cannot flow into the tank, and the liquid cannot flow out. The result is a full tank that backs up or a line that stops flowing with waste backing up into the home. A septic contractor will drain the tanks and clean the baffles to correct the situation. 

Reach out to a local contractor offering septic system services to make sure your unit is maintained properly.