Building A Home? Plumbing Upgrades Not To Miss

The opportunity to build a home is an exciting time. However, behind all the glitz and glamour, some important decisions need to be made. One of these decisions involves the type of plumbing fixtures and upgrades you will add. While it is easy to get caught up in the more cosmetic features of the home, given the level of functionality you expect from your plumbing system, make sure you spend time focusing on your plumbing selections as well. 

Water Heaters

It is standard for many homes to have a single water heater. While this configuration does generally work well, it is not the general rule. You want to sit down with a plumbing professional to assess your home's potential need for hot water. 

Generally, this assessment involves a review of your home's size, the number of water-using features you will have installed in the home, and the number of occupants. Based on this feedback, the contractor will be able to tell you how many water heating units you need, as well as the size.

Quality Fixtures

Style is important, but when you consider the level of use and durability you expect from your plumbing system, quality cannot be sacrificed. Take the faucet for your kitchen sink, for instance. Should you choose a low-quality option, you will probably notice that the coating on the faucet will start to wear, which can cause the fixture to look tarnished. 

Additionally, a low-quality fixture is also more likely to leak. Quality plumbing fixtures tend to last longer and require less maintenance. Make sure you factor in the cost to add quality fixtures into your upgrade budget. 

Comfort Features

It is also a good idea to upgrade some of the fixtures in your home to the comfort or smart level. Take your showerhead, for instance. Some of the newer fixtures allow you to turn on the water from your smartphone, adjust the water temperature, and even connect the device to your smartphone so that you can listen to music or talk on the phone. 

You can also find comfort features in fixtures like your faucets. For instance, some kitchen and utility room faucets allow you to choose a touchless unit so that when your hands are full or dirty, you can access the water without making a mess.

If you need additional help with determining what type of plumbing fixtures to include, do not hesitate to speak with a plumbing professional for help. 

Reach out to a plumbing contractor today to learn more.