Questions to Ask When Interviewing Vinyl Window Replacement Companies

If you want to have your home windows replaced, then you'll want to start by calling up a few different window replacement companies and talking to them about the services they offer. This is really no different than what you'd do when hiring a roofer, a siding company, or any other sort of contractor. Calling a few companies gives you a chance to determine which ones are best able to suit your needs. But what questions should you ask when you call these window replacement companies? Here are a few key ones.

How Much Do They Charge Per Window?

The cost of new, vinyl replacement windows can vary widely. Forbes estimates that the cost ranges from $200 to $1200 per window. Of course, some of this variation has to do with the economic differences between regions. But even within one region, some companies are likely to charge more than others. The companies may have different pay structures for their employees, they may install different brands of windows, and they may have different amounts of overhead for offices and the like. This can all play into the fees they have to charge.

Bear in mind that hiring the cheapest company is not always best. You have to compare what each company has to offer and decide which one offers the best value for the money. 

What Colors Do They Offer?

Vinyl windows most often come in white. However, there are some window companies that offer windows in different colors. If you are okay with white windows, then hiring a company that only installs white vinyl may be the most affordable way to go. But if you want colors, hiring a window company that offers different window colors is likely worthwhile, even if you pay a little more.

Do They Offer a Warranty for Installation?

Almost all replacement windows come with a warranty. But not all window replacement companies offer a warranty on the installation. If possible, you want to hire a company that does offer such a warranty. This way, if the installer makes a mistake — which is not likely to happen, but is possible — you won't be left paying for repairs to be made.

If your home's windows are looking old, worn, and outdated, then you need to hire vinyl window installation contractors. Call a few such companies, ask them the questions above, and then decide who you want to do the work with.