Key Benefits Of Having Artificial Turf Installed In Your Yard

At first, having artificial turf installed in your yard may seem like an odd idea. Traditionally, artificial turf has been used on football fields and at parks, but not so often in private backyards. This is changing as more and more homeowners become aware of the benefits of artificial turf. But what do these homeowners know that you don't? Well, they're probably aware of one or more of the following advantages of artificial turf lawns. After you read this article, you will be, too.

#1: Artificial turf does not require mowing.

How much of your life do you think you've spent mowing the lawn? If you spend an average of one hour per week mowing, that equates to 40 hours a year in a place with a 3-month winter. And over a 10-year period, that equates to 400 hours of mowing. When you make the change to artificial turf, you don't need to mow anymore. Think about all of the other ways you could use that time. You could work out more, start watching a new show, or take on a whole new hobby.

#2: Artificial turf does not require watering.

Watering your yard takes up even more time. It's also not the most eco-friendly move, especially in areas where water scarcities are common. With artificial turf, you never need to water your lawn again. You don't have to think about installing sprinklers, dragging out the hose, feeling guilty when you open the water bill, or any of that.

#3: Artificial turf keeps your pet cleaner.

When you have a grass lawn, your dog may frequently come in with mud or dirt on their paws. This is especially a problem on rainy or wet days. Cleaning the mud off your floor can feel like a never-ending battle. Artificial turf, on the other hand, stays clean. It will get wet when there's a storm, but it won't get muddy. Your pet will come in with clean paws, saving you headaches and cleaning effort.

#4: Artificial turf looks perfect all the time.

Nobody will realize your lawn is artificial until they step on it, and even then, they may not notice it's not real grass. Today's artificial turf is very realistic. However, it stays looking far more perfect than natural grass since it won't turn yellow in the heat, develop bald patches, or grow weeds. 

If you want a perfect-looking lawn that doesn't require water or mowing, artificial turf is the way to go. For more information on artificial turf installation, contact a turf installer.