Things You Should Consider When You Are Remodeling Your Kitchen

When undertaking the task of kitchen remodeling in your home, it is helpful to create a plan for the space before making any changes. Working with a contractor, a kitchen designer, and other professionals can make the entire process more manageable, but knowing what you want in the space is the critical first step in any remodeling project. 

Making A Plan

Creating a plan for your new kitchen can be challenging, and often it is hard to visualize what the space will look like after the kitchen remodeling job is complete. A kitchen designer can help you generate a computer model of the room, and then as you add things, the software will update the 3D model so you can get a better idea about how the final product will look.

Creating the 3D model and a plan for the contractor to work from is essential, and it ensures everyone involved in the project is on the same page and knows what the goal for the complete kitchen is. You can bring your contractor into the meeting with the designer, which may benefit you because they will get a complete picture of what you want.

If there are structural changes that need to be made during the kitchen remodeling, you may need to take the design to an architect to have them look at the changes and make recommendations for support of the building if any bearing walls are changed.  

Managing Your Remodel

Once all the details and designs are completed, the contractor and their crew will begin the demolition of the old kitchen and remove everything that is not being reused. Often cabinets and doors can be removed carefully and sold or donated to someone that needs them, and if there are things you want to save, let the contractor know so they can remove them without damage.

Once the entire kitchen is empty and gutted, the contractor will make any changes to the layout of the space and bring in subcontractors to handle things like plumbing changes and electrical connections that may change with the new design. Coordinating the project for you, the contractor will bring each service in at the right time to streamline the workflow and ensure they complete their work before the subcontractor comes after them. 

 Sometimes this means bringing plumbers in before sheetrock and painting contractors. The timing can be critical, so the entire project can experience delays if one subcontractor gets behind. Often several things are happening at the same time, but the process can still take a few weeks or longer, depending on the depth of your kitchen remodeling project.

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