3 Smoke Detector Tasks A Handyman Can Help With

The smoke detectors in your home are among the most important safety devices in the residence. In the event of a fire, a smoke detector's early warning can be the difference between your family getting out safely versus being trapped and someone being injured or worse. While you're likely capable of changing your smoke detector batteries around a set schedule, you might feel slightly daunted about dealing with other smoke detector-related tasks. This can be a good time to enlist the help of a handyman in your area. Here are three smoke detector tasks that they can easily do for you.

Upgrade To Lithium

Many people replace their old smoke detectors with new models that run on lithium-ion batteries. The primary advantage of doing so is that these newer models have built-in batteries that don't require changing. If you like the idea of not having to replace the 9V batteries in your conventional smoke detectors, you may want to buy a number of new lithium-ion models. Your local handyman can remove the old ones and install their replacements, as well as test them to ensure that they're functional.

Reposition Existing Detectors

It's possible that you're not satisfied with the current position of one or more smoke detectors in your home. Perhaps you've had a safety assessment done through the local fire department and learned that one or more of the detectors is positioned in a less-than-ideal location. A handyman can reposition any of your smoke detectors for you. They'll remove each from its current location, fill the mounting holes and touch up the holes with paint, and then reposition the detectors wherever you want them to be.

Install Additional Detectors

If you feel that your home is currently lacking smoke detectors, it's wise to buy a few new ones for installation. For example, perhaps you do a lot of various projects in your garage but have recently noticed that there's no smoke detector in this location. If you feel better about having some additional detectors mounted throughout your home, your handyman can do this work for you. All you'll need to do is tell them where you want the detectors to be, and they'll mount them tidily and ensure that they work. Look online to find a handyman service in your area and reach out to discuss this work and any other tasks you want to be done around your home.