How To Make A Buffet Table Out Of Old Base Cabinets

If you're renovating your kitchen, you can make some amazing changes with the old cabinets. In fact, instead of sending your old base cabinets to the landfill, you can repurpose them into a buffet table and bring a completely new flavor to your space. This guide gives you six steps to convert the cabinets that your home improvement contractor takes out of your kitchen into a buffet table for your dining room. Read More 

Why Should I Consider a Slate Roof?

It was common to have slate roofs on homes over a hundred years ago, because the material was affordable and plentiful. When manufactured shingles made out of asphalt became affordable, the popularity of slate decreased significantly. Even though slate is not as common as it once was, it has many benefits that make it an excellent choice for a roofing material. Slate Is Very Durable One of the main advantages of using slate roofing materials is how durable it is. Read More 

How To Paint Crown Molding During Bathroom Installation

Crown molding is perfect if you are looking for an affordable way to add some class to your bathroom. Crown molding can make any room look more refined and stylish. Luckily, this is a bathroom remodel that is not too difficult or labor intensive. In fact, some homeowners even do the installation on their own to save some cash. This article will explain the best ways to paint crown molding when installing it. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Your Drywall Might Be Bulging

When you install drywall, you know that there is going to be a certain amount of upkeep required. A slightly more unusual problem that occurs is when the drywall seams start bulging, as though they cannot hold back the material behind them. This is an unsightly problem and can result in the drywall around the seams cracking and bending, making the problem worse. Before you have your drywall seams repaired by a drywall contractor, you will want to determine the exact reason why the drywall is bulging so that you can fix that problem. Read More